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EFfective October1, 2021, Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction is open for business on the coast of South Carolina. We will contninue to offer our services and provide comprehensive reconstructions to our clients in Colorado but are now accepting clients in South Carolina. 

Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction, LLC 

Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Expert Witness and Advisory Witness Services

Serving Colorado & surrounding states since 2008

Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction, LLC provides traffic accident reconstruction services. With over 40 years combined experience, Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction has an ACTAR accredited traffic accident reconstructionist providing accurate and unbiased investigations of simple and complex traffic accidents. Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction also offers expert witness testimony and provides advisory witness services.


Over the years, Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of accident reconstruction and has provided expert testimony in numerous courts throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction provides training in various subjects in the field of  accident investigation.


Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction, LLC. began in 2008 as Rocky Mountain Accident Reconstruction (RMAR) by Michael Miranda. After serving the people of the state of Colorado for over 28 years and retiring from the Colorado State Patrol, RMAR provided accident reconstruction services throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas.


In 2009, the servcies requested of RMAR by clients was beyond the scope of accident reconstruction so MMI, LLC was formed to provide complete private investiagtion and attorney services to clients.


Duirng 2014, the demand for professional investigations had increased dramatically so in February 2015, the name was changed to Mj Investigations, LLC and additional staff was added to provide our clients with the finest investigative services available.


Starting in 2019, we re-branded the company name to Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction to better reflect our main expertise and to provide expert witness testimony and advisory witness services to our clients.


Why hire an ACTAR accredited reconstructionist?


ACTAR is a term frequently seem when looking for an accident reconstructionist. So exactly what is an ACTAR accredited reconstructionist? ACTAR is an acronym for the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction, an internationally recognized commission with more than 1260 ACTAR Accredited Reconstructionists practicing throughout the United States, Canada and throughout the world.


From their website, ACTAR was founded by and exists for the benefit of the traffic accident investigation and reconstruction community, as represented by the membership of the participating professional organizations.


Since its incorporation in 1991, it has been the ongoing goal to promote, within the legal and scientific community, a recognition of the minimum standards established by the NHTSA study, as well as those developed by an ongoing review of the latest technology and trends in the profession.


Minimum standards have been designed to advance the recognition of the ACTAR accreditation program, and to encourage the integrity, consistency and professionalism of those involved. ACTAR aims to promote the professional and intellectual development of those individuals, organizations and institutions involved in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction and to assist the legal and scientific community in weighing the suitability of individuals offering their services as Accident Reconstructionists.


So how does an accident reconstructionist become accredited?

A reconstructionist must apply to the commission and meet minimum standards of education and experience. If the standards are met, the reconstructionist must successfully complete a practical and a theoretical examination to be accredited.


The examination consists of two parts, a Theory portion and a Practical portion. The Theory portion consists of 75 questions drawn from areas such as Kinetic Energy, Conservation of Momentum, Time-Distance Evaluations, Physical Evidence from the road and vehicle, Photography, Lamp Analysis and Airborne Analysis.


The Practical portion is a staged collision where the candidate is supplied with photographs of the scene and involved vehicles, vehicle data and damages, location and type of physical evidence and a skeleton diagram. The candidate is asked to provide impact and departure speeds, angles, Delta-V for each vehicle and identify specific physical evidence.


Although participation in the accreditation program is voluntary, people who are properly trained and experienced in accident investigation and reconstruction can successfully complete the examination and achieve accreditation. Those accredited must obtain a minimum number of continuing educational units (CEUs) over a five-year period from completion of the initial examination to maintain their status with ACTAR.


An ACTAR accredited reconstructionist has demonstrated their training and knowledge before a peer group organization and must maintain a high level of training and experience top become accredited and to maintain their accreditation.


By hiring an ACTAR accredited reconstructionist, one is assured that the individual follows the highest standards of training and the ACTAR Code of Conduct to provide an unbiased, efficient and compete traffic crash reconstruction available.


Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction , LLC. offers an ACTAR accredited reconstructionist (ACTAR #1084) with over 35 years of experience Accredited since the year 2000, Mj Investigations Accident Reconstructionist will provide the training and experience of investigating and reconstructing thousands of traffic crashes in 5 states and providing expert testimony.


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