We offer traffic accident reconstruction and professional investigations as well as attorney services to a diverse range of clients in various areas of laws. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Traffic Accident Investigation & Reconstruction


Mj Investigations, LLC. is staffed by an accident reconstructionist accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionist (ACTAR). With over 35 years experience, testifying and acting as an advisory witness in hundreds of cases throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, Mj Investigations, LLC. will use thousands of hours in training and experience to provide a complete, accurate and unbiased investigation in any traffic accidednt investigation need.


   3D Animation                                                                


   Mj Investigations, LLC. has aquired ARAS360 HD

  3D animation and can provide 3D animation for most

  cases. 3D animation can provide a visual interpretation of the

   evidence provided in a case and is an excellent method for

   showing a jury what happened in a traffic accident and how it happen.


Expert Witness & Testimony


Mj Investigations, LLC offers expert witness testimony. Our expert has over 40 years experience in both the public and private sectors. Clients from numeorus states have used our expert to review their cases and provide expert opinions and testimony to assist them.  Having testified as an expert in several areas across numerous states, our expert will provide clear, concise and accurate facts to help your client. .

Social Media Intelligence and Background Research


The use of Social Media has increased dramatically and Mj Investigations, LLC. experts use their knowledge of Social Media Intelligence to gather the information you need. Locating people is an art at Mj Investigations, LLC. with an experienced and Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert, we are ready to assist you in your case. 

Professional Private Investigations


Private Investigations involve a wide variety of functions and services. Whether you need photographs of a scene or a witness identifed and interviewed, Mj Investiagtions' trained and experienced investigators can obtain the information needed to assist in your case.

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