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Accident Investigation for Private Investigators & Attorneys



Every year, there are over 5 million reported traffic accidents occurring in the United States. Police agencies are overworked and cannot adequately investigate all traffic accidents.

Private Investigators are being called on more and more to investigate or re-investigate traffic accidents as clients and attorneys need the answers as to what are the factors that caused or contributed to a traffic accident.


Accident Investigations for

Private Investigators & Attorneys

(Second Edition)


This book was developed to assist the Private Investigator and Attorney understand the complexity of a traffic accident investigation.


The author outlines the steps necessary to complete an investigation and provides the knowledge to obtain the information needed to assist an attorney in the representation of their client. E


Topics Include:

  • Police Errors and Omissions


  • Discovery


  • Measuring and Diagramming


  • Evidence from the Roadway


  • Technology in Accident Investigations


  • Vehicle Damage Assessment


  • On scene photography


  • Injury Analysis


  • Contributing Factors


  • Driver & Witness Statements and Interviews


  • Speed Formula Introduction


Accident Investigation for Private Investigators & Attorneys


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